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The GRANIT™ Sledg 77 embodies the quintessential essence of ABUS security expertise. Once attached, no one is getting away with your bike without permission.rnrnThe 13mm locking bolt made from hardened special steel sends a clear message to thieves. A sliding mechanism in the GRANIT™ Sledg 77 locks the brake disc in a way that’s as easy as it is effective. Anyone attempting to acquire your bike by picking the lock will soon find themselves sweating, thanks to the ABUS XPlus locking cylinder.rnrnAnd the Memory Cable offers you security of a different kind, as it reminds you to remove the GRANIT™ Sledg 77 before hitting the pedals again after parking. The synthetic coating protects your paintwork when locking and unlocking and offers a comfortable grip.rnrn13 mm locking bolt made from hardened special steelrnExtremely high protection against unauthorised usernLocks the brake discrnSmall, easy to handle, compact and securernEasy handling thanks to the sliding mechanismrnOpen the lock, let the slide slip out with the locking bolt, guide the bolt through the brake disc from the inside, push the lock body towards the bolt and lock with the keyrnABUS XPlus locking cylinder offers top levels of protection against lock pickingrnNon-slip, protective rubber coatingrnIncludes a Memory Cable – to remind you about the lock before setting offrnGreat protection where there is a high risk of theftrnRecommended for protecting high-value motorbikes

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