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Valmistettu tukevasta muovista rnLukitavissa rnKiinnitys: D-Pulttisarja rnMitat: 700 x 933 x 433mm rnPaino: 9,95 KG rn75L rn

ATV Box GKA C 401 was designed especially for the comfort of a passenger. It is supplemented with comfortable armrests, handles and backrest. The ATV BOX C 401 is a good solution for far expeditions, as well as for serious exploitation in the conditions of severe impassibility and for family vacation. Due to the construction of its bottom it is a good solution for installation on the ATV with minimal size of a trunk. The ATV BOX C 401 is one of the most capacious in its class. It can contain two helmets. The hollow armrests make an additional volume.rnrn- A quick-release backrest is in the set.rn- Rubber sealant on the cover above protects the ATV Box from getting wet..rn- Metal locks with keys.rn- One red reflector on the back part of the ATV Box.rn- Universal adjusting mounting set of the U-form is easily installed.
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